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All Souls is a relatively small congregation of around 50 members nestled in Bellville, OH. We are an active and social bunch, working hard to grow as individuals and a community.

Over the years we have increased in number and gone through a great many transitions. Our church history goes back to 1822, and our church building dates back to the 1890’s. We are proud of our past, but not bound by it. We are progressive in nature and welcome new ideas, new faiths, and new people.

Church services are held each Sunday at 10:30am, and are followed by a coffee hour where we relax with some snacks and engage in the discourse that helps unite us. As a Unitarian Universalist church, many people are uncertain of what the purpose of our church might be.  Our mission statement may help here.

“We, the All Souls Unitarian Universalist congregation of Bellville, are a community of active, open-minded and welcoming people who celebrate our diversity as we encourage and support each other to fearlessly and passionately search for truth and meaning.”

This means we have no set dogma or theology we spread.  All are welcome in our walls, regardless of your beliefs, faith, age, gender, sexual preference, or social class.  I suppose one could say we are a group much more interested in the spiritual journey than the destination, and much more predisposed to practicing than preaching.  We hope to meet you soon.